"Cranking the Mustang" & 
"Bad Luck" & "Starting Problems" - Video ppg007

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"Cranking the Mustang" (10 min)
- Ford Mustang Convertible
- starring Crystal
- in a short jeans skirt and high-heels jeans pumps
- it is so hot outside and the Mustang just doesn't start!!!
- some pedal pumping scenes

"Bad Luck" (22 min)
- Citroen 2CV
- starring Adriana
- in sexy cork platform thong-sandals with red nail polish
- a lot of pedal pumping and emotion
- almost 90% of the video is with picture-in-picture (shows pedal work)
- some stalling and stuttering even during the drive
- "little explosions" coming from the exhaust and a lot of exhaust fumes

"Starting Problems" (19 min)
- Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0
- starring Anna
- short skirt, open high-heeled Jeans Sandals and red nail polish
- a lot of pedal pumping
- There is no-one else on the forest path and her Jeep doesn't start!!!

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